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About Me

Shalom and Welcome all.

I am Reuben Nevo, a Certified Tourist Guide.

I was born on the Kibbutz Or Haner in the Negev Desert in 1961.  The most important values in my life today, I learned from my childhood in the Kibbutz.

Love of the land of Israel, its deserts, mountains, lakes and valleys. Love for its nature, smells and colors of our flowers, trees and land. When we were children, we used to walk barefoot to feel the earth better. Today I walk in shoes but I can still feel the land on my feet.

 Another value I carry with me is the love for people and friends.  I love the presence of the human being. The beauty of my work is not only in the places we visit, like the Sea of Galilee which looks very much the same from week to week, but it’s the fact that I can share the beauty with others! “Hine Ma Tov Uma Naim…” How good it  is to be all together!

 Since 1984, I have been guiding tour groups here in Israel and I know almost every corner of the land since I’ve hiked it from the north to the south, to the east and to the west.

Over the past 30+ years, I have guided many tours of Israel for Christian groups, government delegations, educational programs and Jewish federations.  I’ve also spoken at many U.S. churches about Jewish heritage.

Presently, I am an official government tour guide for the Ministry of Tourism in Israel. I was a teacher and director of a guide school with the Jewish Agency.  Prior to this, I was  a representative of the Jewish Agency for the government of Israel in Chile. In Israel From 1991 to 2001, I developed and led a tour program across Europe called “Jewish Roots in Spain & Europe”.  I was also in the Israeli Defense Forces as an army officer in the combat unit.

My education includes a Masters in the History of the Jewish People from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

It is my true passion to be a tour guide of this beautiful land, and like my  logo says:  ISRAEL IS WAITING FOR YOU!

Lehitraot (see you soon!)

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