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I am on the road again.

I am on the road again. This time alone with a camera, GoPro and a phone. (And some other technologies.) All my life I have been traveling to different places every week. Usually with people. It’s probably the first time where we are all forced to be home. No groups or families to show the beauty and the depth of Israel. The logo of my website “ISRAELISWAITINGFORYOU” is waiting for better days. Israel needs you as well as you need Israel.

In the last months I have been developing the idea of bringing Israel to you from my perspective. There are few things I decided to do and few others I need to learn and grow with the project.

1 I will get to different places in Israel, sometimes staying for more than a day to show you the beauty of these places even in different hours. I am not professional in cameras so my apologies. 2 I invested in technology in order to have good sound quality during my explanations. Hope to improve with time. 3 my goal is to go to places you usually don’t go in normal tours. “Time didn’t permit us to go” is the normal excuse. The truth is your guide didn’t stop bla bla in one place so time flew fast, or slow 4 Many of the places I will bring you home are hard to get there. There is a need for 4 wheels since many are off-road. Although my back surgery is still “shouting “ I decided to go and reach to all places. Slowly slowly. 5 I will bring my understanding of these places. In biblical, geographical, and political aspects. Some of these places are very very complex. I will do my best to let you know my plans in advance so you can read from the bible and prepare yourself. Even will open for comments. Just remember not to contradict me or bring other opinions. (Joke) 6 I am opening the list of places for request. You can ask me to go to different places in Israel. I promise to do my best to get there. So “ you point, I Go” 7 There is a big investment in all these from my side. Many coligues and friends recommended to charge in Subscription for the project. I have decided to leave it completely open and free to anyone who wants to enjoy״ Israel from the far״. Whoever wants to Contribute,all details are in my website. While health, time,and gasoline will be there during these hard times I promise to be on the road. At the end we all share one big common idea which is our love to Israel. That is why many years ago I chose my logo and website

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